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About RK Accountancy

Our firm is an independent family run firm, complemented by a team of highly trained managers and assistants represents a coalition of specialised skills that is geared to offer sound financial solutions and advices.

The organisation is a congregation of professionally qualified and experienced persons who are committed to work hard to deliver a fast, effective and friendly service to help fulfil both your business and personal needs.

Our aim is to be approachable at all times and give value for money services. Our compact structure and low overheads cost allow us to offer a very competitive charge-out rate and outstanding value for money.

Services We Offer

Our firm has been offering accountancy, audits, taxation and business consultancy etc services to clients


We provide a range of compliance services to support all aspects


Accounts preparation can be a time consuming exercise for any business


We offer a full bookkeeping service to many of our clients,tailored specifically to their individual needs

Compliance Services

We provide a range of compliance services to support all aspects of business administration. We can help you by making sure accounts and tax returns are prepared in the correct format with high quality control, statutory books and other company secretarial records are kept up-to-date and that all statutory returns are prepared. Our experienced team will relieve you of the regulatory burden and leave you more time to concentrate on other areas of your business. In short, we will make sure everything is in the right format, in the right place and at the right time.


Accounts preparation can be a time consuming exercise for any business. Year end accounts are required so that the business owners can comply with their regulatory obligations, whether they are for HMRC tax calculation purposes or Companies House with respect to company accounts filing deadlines.

Regular management accounts, either monthly or quarterly, provide an invaluable source of information to management, enabling them to steer their business in the right direction, thereby maximising profits by making the right decisions at the right time is very important tool.

We work with our clients to provide the level of service appropriate to them as an individual business, tailoring the information provided to meet their needs on an efficient cost-effective basis.

Audit and Assurance

Hassle free audits? Audits are an important feature of business life today, whatever the size or nature of your organisation. However many businesses regard an audit as an unnecessary cost adding no value to the business but we can assure them to obtain maximum benefit from the audit assignment.

This is quite simply not the full picture, as an audit has several advantages to not only the company but also its directors and shareholders, as it safeguards against potential future problems. Together, audit and other assurance support play a fundamental role in the successful management of an organisation.

We provide a comprehensive audit and non-audit services with the support from our associate partners, which reflect the increase in the extent of legislation and auditing standards. The directors and shareholders of the client company receive an independent view of their financial position, which results in positive input into the running of the company. Systems and investigative audits can also be carried out if required.

Our approach enables us to establish an overview of your business and not just the books. This enables us to understand both the short term and long term objectives of your business.

we will suggest improvements on the day to day running of the company and with a close relationship with us, you will always remain one step ahead of the competition


We offer a full bookkeeping service to many of our clients, tailored specifically to their individual needs. This can typically range from a full contract service, where we generate and issue clients sales invoices, manage stock records, carry out credit control procedures such as chasing customer payments or perhaps a more simple recording service at quarter end, along with numerous other options in-between. This is a very cost effective service for our clients, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best, which is obtaining sales orders and generating profits for their businesses.

We can also provide management accounts service as part of bookkeeping package, which will be prepared by a team of experienced staff and will be tailored to your needs. Based on your circumstances we advice on the best tax strategy to take the money out of the company either via payroll or dividend.

Payroll services

Thousands of businesses in the UK, from small start-ups right through to multinational corporations need payroll services. Typically, what our customers are looking for can be broken down into following areas:

  • PAYE registration for new employers
  • Payroll setup
  • Employee record maintenance
  • Starter/leaver administration
  • CIS self assessment and tax refunds
  • All calculations including salary sacrifice, statutory payments/deductions, pension contributions and loan management
  • Journal voucher configured to match your account codes including cost centre splits
  • Issuing payslip to employees via paper copies, electronic copies or online log in
  • Management and continuous reconciliation of HMRC payments
  • Help and advice on all aspects of payroll management
  • Submitting weekly or monthly Real Time Information to HM Revenue and custom
  • Liaison with HMRC and Contributions Agency
  • Hosting HMRC reviews


Individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies all fall into the self assessment tax system. We offer a full tax compliance service, completing returns utilising our approved software which enables clients to take advantage of the extended filing deadlines offered by HMRC for online submissions.

We provide our clients with detailed breakdowns of tax liabilities or repayments and due dates for settlement of tax liabilities.

We carry out detailed taxation reviews as necessary, advising on sole trader, partnership or company options and the relevant tax savings of each option. We also advise on company expansion under the Enterprise Investment Scheme. We advise on the most efficient method of extracting funds from the family company, maximising the efficiency of group structures or ensuring that capital allowances are fully claimed.

When our clients are looking to dispose of or retire from their business we can advise on the options available to them and work with them to ensure tax liabilities are minimised.

Value Added Tax

We keep our clients regularly up to date on VAT thresholds, to ensure that they are aware of registering at the correct time.Late registration can be a major headache for any business, both financially and with regard to the administration involved. We assist our clients with the registration process, advising on all aspects such as the special VAT schemes in place to assist growing businesses for example cash accounting, the flat rate scheme, partial exemption, full exemption, exports of goods or services etc.

Once registered businesses can find VAT compliance to be a major issue for them. We assist organisations with the preparation of regular VAT returns and EC sales returns to minimise the risk of default assessments or penalties. This can be within a full bookkeeping service or by assisting in the preparation of the VAT returns from the client’s records.


In the current economic climate, businesses are constantly seeking to benchmark where they are and where they need to be as they may otherwise find that they are losing ground to competitors.

We can bring a fresh pair of eyes to a business which can often breathe fresh life into something which is only just getting by, raising key questions which may have been overlooked by the management who are distracted by their daily administration of the business. A simple “brainstorming” or more detailed fact finding exercise can move the business in new directions, improving competitiveness and profitability, or possibly identify major risks which hadn’t been identified.

If you require an extra person to attend your Board Meetings to advise on strategic issues then we would be pleased to assist. We have many years of experience in this area.


From small start-ups right through to multinational corporations need payroll services


Individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies all fall into the self assessment tax system.


We keep our clients regularly up to date on VAT thresholds.


Businesses are constantly seeking to benchmark where they are and where they need to be

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We provide a personal service and encourage our clients to discuss their business problems and requirements with us

  • "RK Accountancy Limited the firm of Chartered Certified Accountants have been our consultant now for many years and we have built a very close working relationship. They continue to keep up to date with HMRC and Companies House regulations, therefore assist us in remaining compliant with the tax regulations. I would recommend RK Accountancy Limited to any firm as I feel they provide a professional and timely service."

    John Tolley
    CEO, John Distributions

  • "We are very happy with the services we receive from RK Accountancy Limited. They are very professional, and always give clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner. We are very pleased with the input I received from RK Accountancy Limited and we would not hesitate to recommend their service to anyone..

    Suresh Patel
    CEO, S V Foods Ltd.

  • "RK Accountancy Limited has consistently provided to our Company an accurate, on-time, good value services. We are always impressed with their knowledge of our sector and their commitment to provide a personal service to their clients. They provide us with expert advice in relation to our annual accounts, taxation affairs."

    Dr Youhanna Sadig Muharib-Faragalla

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